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Earth Day
April 22, 2009, 1:38 am
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I am reading more and more about green these days, and wondering if i am doing my part, and what that might be anyway…here’s a few things I’ve been looking at…





I mentioned earlier this week i bought my first reusable shopping bag, and I have been looking at lots of websites with directions to sew your own, I think Morsbags are my favorite though.

And what can we as a family do?  My daughters school had a recycling contest for several months, and we do separate our cardboard from our regular trash.  I really enjoy watching shows on the green channel, and I wonder about my ecology footprint.  This is as good a time as any to be more aware and more careful with what I can do to preserve the planet that God has graciously entrusted to us while we are here.  Am i being a faithful steward of this treasure?  hmmmm, lots to ponder


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great post! You should add it to my 40 Days of 40 Years of Earth Friendly Living MckLinky to win a huge pack of Elmer’s!

Comment by Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

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