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Menu Plan monday & happy homemaker
April 27, 2009, 8:51 am
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mpm121For more menus, great links, and lots of recipes, head over to orgjunkie.com.

This is a very busy week, and we are still under an outdoor burn ban, so no grilling evening. 

Monday will be Pizzas from the freezer.

Tuesday will be whaatever the fundraiser is for PTA.

Wednesday will be crock pot chicken and dumplings.

Thursday sounds like a good night for sandwiches.

Friday will be tacos.

Adding salad and fruit wherever possible.  And possibly substituting the Farmers Breakfast Casserole one night if I get up early enough to fix it so the oven won’t heat up the house.

What are you having????


Today my man is digging in the dirt!  Our front yard has been a work in progress for four months.  The kids and I have the flowers ready, and some of our seeds are sprouting!!!!  The castle wall is going to be finished by tomorrow night!  I’m so excited, it will be so nice to sit on my little swing and sip iced tea like the southerners are supposed too.


Happy Homemaker Monday


On my bedside table:  Kleenex –  watch –  phone

On my TV: Operation Style – The Unit

On the menu for tonight:  Pizzas from the freezer

On my To Do List:  Dr Appt. – Yard Work

New Recipe I tried last week:  Breakfast Pie

In the craft basket:  More pins – Thousand Quilts – scarf

Looking forward to: Summer Vacation

Homemaking Tip for this week: Do a little everyday, and redo it the next day before moving on, and then it will all get done.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other): Reading about the bloggers with the Compassion trip

Favorite photo from last week:  My favorite kids book at the moment


Lesson learned the past few days:  Children don’t see bumps and bruises as anything more than a reason for a kiss and a popsicle.

On my Prayer List:   My family – The families near us burned out by the wildfires – Peace in my church

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:  ” Psalm 35:23 Awake, and rise to my defense!
       Contend for me, my God and Lord.”


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You have a great point about the bumps and bruises. Amazing how mom’s little touch can cure a lot of things! When does that change???

Have a great day!

Comment by Sarah

Thanks, there are some things that helps me not be afraid of.

Comment by mindingmomma

I would still call my mom from college when I got sick, so maybe never!

Comment by mindingmomma

I love your scripture. Have a great day.

Comment by Jen

It looks like you have a great week of meals planned..thanks for sharing! I just love getting new ideas for my own menu plan.


Comment by Niki

Thanks for stopping by, I get the best ideas from MPM, then I go back to my favorites…maybe once school is out I can use a new menu item a week and teach the older 2 how to cook at the same time, hmmmm./

Comment by mindingmomma

Hi! Thanks for stopping over! As for the Love Dare book, it is great. It shows you all the things you are doing wrong in your marriage and then has you fix them. 🙂 Seriously, it is a wonderful book – basically, it walks you through 40 days of learning more about love, what you can do for your spouse, how God’s love is unconditional and how we are to mirror our love for our spouse in the same manner, all through biblical principles and daily challenges. It is on my nightstand, and will probably always be, because as soon as I get through it (I get away from it for weeks at a time) I will most likely start over, and over, and over again. It is worth it to deepen your understanding of all the principles of a God-centered marriage.

That’s my advertisement for the product. 🙂 Free of charge.

Take care!

Comment by Sarah

What a great lesson learned, it’s so true.

I enjoyed reading your post, glad you’re joining in 🙂

Comment by Sandra

Thanks for the welcome and for stopping by today!

Comment by mindingmomma

Love your lesson learned !

Comment by Bonnie

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