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Procrastination Elimination
April 30, 2009, 11:11 am
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Come join us!

My project is my childrens bathroom.  I have wanted to change it since we moved in october a year ago.  My hubby and fil changed the lights and mirror and moved the towel bar dowwn low for little fingers.  I added all the possible ways I knew how to try and keep the clutter under control…it looks terrible, it is not cheery, and not identifiable as a kiddie loo.  Too bad if guests have to use it too, this one is for the babes.  Plan????  None. 

I have gone through about twenty different plans for a theme or color for this room.  I can’t decide, it needs to be gender neutral…not too age specific because of the range…two up to ten right now.  I thought about zoo/safari/animal for a bit.  My hubby vetoed that and the Dr. Suess idea, and we have too much beach in the house already.  No princess, no princes.  No sports theme.  No flowers.  But this bath is so ugly, it needs something.  So i am off to www land to look for inspiration.  Got any ideas to get me started????


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I can’t wait to see your bathroom. My kids’ will need a redo in the future.

Comment by June

I thought about doing my bathroom for this party, but I was afraid I wouldn’t get in done in time. Good luck with yours!


Comment by Shannon @ Silver Trappings

Hi there!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog…my mommy stone already sold out, but if you are interested in a special order just let me know!
Blessings to you this beautiful weekend!

Comment by jes

I am working on one for you just like the one that sold out in my shop. It should be done tomorrow. 🙂 If you have any questions or would like to contact me feel free to contact me through etsy, too!
Enjoy your evening!:)

Comment by jes

Hoping you are enjoying your procrastination project…I cannot wait to see how your bathroom turns out! I’m still working on my chairs 🙂

Comment by Melissa @ The Inspired Room

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