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June 13, 2009, 8:07 pm
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I am so very disappointed in wally world.

The closing of the craft departments has been super upsetting.  The next to last one in decent driving distance has closed.  I really have to keep an eye on the one that is left so I can stock up on prints for my kiddies blankets, clothes, etc.  And trying to price things as high as “Michele’s Crafts” (not their real name), come on, you are Wally for goodness sake.

And the new decor and layout for the stores.  Once more on the soapbox.  Who are they pretending to be?  This is not an upscale department store, I don’t want to chase all over creation in there to get tshirts for my family, socks and undies go together, keep them together.  Shoe display racks?  Really?  They do not pay enough people well enough to keep up the daily displays and there is no one in the area to help you find the rest of them….this is not a good idea.

Phew.  Getting dizzy on my soap box.  I am fairly upset about the changes, as I do not see the benefit to the shoppers, but all that new signage and shelving costs moola, which will be passed on to us, the consumers…I didn’t ask for a new wally.  But there it is anyway.

Just my two cents.  Members of my family have worked for this chain, we have both good and bad stories about employment.  I have lived in area where they were the ONLY store to get items in other than groceries, and was thankful not to have to drive 2 hours to buy socks.  I was upset when I saw the news special about working conditions too.  So don’t start hating on me…just them!


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