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August 9, 2009, 10:27 am
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This post says a lot about where we are right now…


You see, while we are in Texas, one of the things my husband and I need to discuss is where our church home will be when he returns.  There have been several disappointments leading up to this decision, and we have talked around the issue some, but not addressed it with enough dedicated prayer and study time.  I am a preachers kid, so I have a different perspective on admin and ethics of the pastoral team and elders, I was also an ordained deacon in our church in New England (there was plenty of study on that decision, almost a full nine months – it was very progressive but maybe I’ll blog more on that later if you are interested).  Back to our church now, we were searching for a service where we could worship together, be challenged and our children would get solid teaching in their classes.  Some of that was lacking but the childrens classes were very well taught and led by loving persons, and the pastor delivers the tough questions in his messages, and the music was spirit filled and very worshipful.

Lately, past several months actually, there have been some turnovers in leadership, some not full disclosure of some business matters, and a financial strain.  There is also now a different worship leader each month or two weeks, (we haven’t figured out the rotation), so the continuity of fellowship, like-mindedness, and testimony is haphazard.  The childrens teachers have started rotating, again no continuity, and the nursery workers were unable to be paid, so now parents are expected to work.  There is not a generous feeling, and following a long absence from the regular services, noone, not one person, called, stopped by, or in any way tried to contact us or reach out to us.  On two occassions, we have offered our gifts/talents to the church, to be put off.  There was a situation where one member was facing an illness in his mother that was identical to what my mother went through before her death.  We attempted on two occassions to offer counsel, comfort, friendship to that family and were shunned.  On one night of family home meetings, the children were brought to the fellowship hall so that the parents could freely talk about some more delicate and personal issues – we were invited to attend the group at the church, and left in charge of a room full of twenty children aged 3 – 17.  And the two and a half hour session went almost four hours, way past my childrens bedtimes, and we were quite angered that we were not asked, and that there was no concern of the imposition it placed on us.  Too cranky?

We have three families that we feel very close to, share our prayer concerns as they arise, and chat after service when possible.  They are very encouraging to us as young parents, and newer persons in the community.  The pastors messages continue to spark us into further discussion and study after the service.  Is that enough?  Certainly not.  Immediately after we began attending regularly, the pastor did a study on the seven talents.  We knew with absolute certainty the Holy Spirit was saying “do not tell them what you can do, let me show them”.   Situations have arose where we have been the forerunners of programs that we have knowledge and experience in, to be asked to ‘go see if so-and-so needs any help”.  It is so discouraging to feel as an outsider in the house of God.

So, we are going to be walking on the grounds of the early missions in San Antonio, talking and praying, and searching for Gods direction in this arena.  There is much to decide, and it affects the entire family.  Join us in praying that we will be led in paths of righteousness, that forgiveness will be first on our lips for any hurt we are carrying, and for wisdom in discernment.


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