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tv free tuesday
April 21, 2010, 1:21 pm
Filed under: Parenting - pre-tween, Parenting - toddler

WE successfully navigated our first week with minimal grumbling and one attempt to compromise.

There is so much noise in this house constantly, I relish the quiet times, and having two tvs on two stations, is so distracting to me, and usually there is not one person sitting in front of it, it is just on…so as my children try to raise part of the money for their summer programs, we challenged them to go tv free on laundry day, so that all their attention can be put to the task.

It went rather well, clothes went in the wash and kids went outside to ride bikes and play.  Dinner was prepared, clothes were put in dryer and the next load went in the washer.  Dinner done and dishes in sink, dryer was finished so that load was folded and PUT AWAY ((HALLELUYAH!!))  Reloaded the laundry once more and enjoyed some Wii Fit Exercise together.  A compromise of sorts.  But we need to exercise more and this was worth it to me.  Dryer finished too late to be put away before bed, but of all the work done this day we were so proud of our clan.  And one load to put away tomorrow will be a breeze compared to four. 

I’m really looking forward to our next tv free day, and then hopefully by the end of the next month – I can make it two days a week!  This is prayerfully covered with love and hugs by mom and dad.


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