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last of DC
June 14, 2011, 4:12 pm
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We are spending the last of our visits pretty low-key, one day of shopping…one day at the Pentagon…and one day at the museums, just haven’t picked which ones yet (that’s tomorrows plans).  Then back to the beach for a few days of Karate Camp.  A little prepacking planning.  Then back up north to the grandparents for Church Camp before John gets back and the real fun of preparing to move begins.


Today we visited the Pentagon and the Army corridor.  The POW/MIA information was very interesting.  There was a lot to see and read there.  The MacArthur displays were informative.  We checked out the Civillian Service display.  The Pentagon phone tree 50 years displays.  The ANZUS treaty information was good.  The NORAD was interesting since we hear of it so much in the movies.  After strolling around the rings for a bit (lost), we worked our way out to the Memorail Site.  The benches line up by dates of birth and there was a 3 yr old that seemed to affect my daughter the most.  Probably on the plane that crashed into the building…there is a tell-tale lighter color of brick/stone that shows where the repairs were made to the Pentagon.  It is a nice tribute to those who lost their lives on 9-11.  Each bench has water under it.  They are polished smooth on top.  There is not a lot of information available at the site however, so if you go…I recommend reading up on it beforehand.


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