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spring? and fabric
March 19, 2013, 11:42 am
Filed under: crafted, misc.

cold temps, blustery winds, snow flurries flying, oh spring where is your sunny face?

here is the fabric, the butterfly and lines are what I bought, the lower four I had won. I think they will do together just fine. Now to figure out a pattern.


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Oh, wow!!How beautiful. Can’t wait to see your creation!!! You and the kids doing ok? and John?

Pray for Mary Umstead, (remember her, she played the piano at First Baptist)? She in a Harrisonburg,Va, and is improving with cellulitis in her leg and heel. She;s been on Umbrel, for so long. This was for the arthritis she’s had for many years. She has many other health problems and is trying so hard to stay on her feet to stay in her own home. Love you.

Comment by Anonymous

we are hanging in there!
will be praying for her, and you too!

Comment by mindingmomma

Spring can’t come soon enough!!

Love the butterfly fabric!

Comment by Amy, a redeemed sheep

I wanted more of it!

Comment by mindingmomma

The fabrics are lovely.
Spring is a fickle girl. We have snow here.

Comment by Em

We got snow here last night too.

Comment by mindingmomma

lovely fabrics and congrats on the win!

Comment by Angie in SoCal

It’s a biting cold Spring so far for us as well. More snow in March than in the first 2 months of the year… bleh…

Pretty fabrics! That’s a good way to distract me from our weather. ;o)

Comment by Katherine

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