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April midpoint
April 15, 2013, 8:15 am
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Well, it’s halfway through April which means that it is the month mom died seven years ago, and it still hurts to remember. It’s taxtime which hurts everyone I think. And my birthday is coming up, which hurts me as I think about where I am and who I am.
Got to keep on pushing through the wall and rise above.
I am fearfuly and wonderfully made, I need to remember this above all.


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Hi Beth: Yes, we are all wonderfully made–thanking God for the goodness I have and His blessings upon me. We get through these rocks in the road, somehow, and it builds our strength and character. I do believe this–though in hard times, we tend to forget. Hope and praying for all my friends who are struggleing–and most certainly my family. Jeff is still dealing with many issues and it concerns me–but he’s the one to work through it, though I can’t keep from being concerned. Love and prayers to you and the family. Keep the faith, in Christian love, Virginia

Comment by Anonymous

Hugs to you. I miss my mama, too. She never got to see any of my quilts.

Comment by Amy, a redeemed sheep

So sorry for your loss and I pray comfort and peace for you!

Comment by Dee

thank you ladies! you lifted my spirit today.

Comment by mindingmomma

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