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Happy Homemaker Monday
July 29, 2013, 1:34 am
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It’s been forever since I posted one of these, thought I would revisit this wonderful site and got hooked again. Be sure to drop by http://familycorner.blogspot.com/ and read the others.

The Weather: forcast to be back in the low 80s most of the week

Right Now I Am: worrying myself over nothing – except its something to me, as my daughter goes to cheer camp thursday

Thinking: about getting my quilt back out and working on it a little this week to keep me occupied, cleaning the kids bathroom, and getting a part-time job

On My Reading Pile: nothing. Haven’t been to the library and have no magazines lined up to read.

On My TV: Project Runway, The Hero, and American Ninja Warrior. plus the last episode of Pioneer Woman.

What I found while surfing the net: http://recoveringshopaholic.com/ I am thinking of going to this pared down lifestyle, and enjoy reading about someone who is going through it.

On the Menu for this week:
Monday – pasta night – didn’t make lasagna rolls last week, moving them to this week
Tuesday – picture night at cheer – early dinner, hot dogs on the grill
Wednesday – grill – steaks and fresh corn
Thursday – Off to cheer camp – treating little brother to his choice
Friday – grill again – burgers and homemade chips
Saturday – chicken – sweet and sour on the grill
Sunday – off to cheer camp for competition/parents performance day – eat on the road.

On My to do list: most of the stuff I’m thinking about. Weeding the garden and separating the mint some. Listing my sons outgrown clothes on Craigslist.

In the craft basket: the baby quilt I need to work on, and collecting scraps for a lap blanket for this fall (see the posts where I am shamelessly begging for red/black/white scraps)

Looking forward to this week: not really, I am too anxious about my daughter going off to camp!

Looking around the house: I see bits and bobs of back-to-school purachases I need to corral into a backpack. Our cleaned up bedroom, thank you hubby for picking up, and clean sheets on the beds!

From the Camera: missing this:

On my prayer list: my family, our finances, finding a church home, and health.


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The beach looks lovely, stopping by from the Happy Homemaker Monday


Comment by Melissa Hopper

thanks for stopping by, and the beach is such a favorite place for us

Comment by mindingmomma

Finding a church home can be a difficult process. We went through that a couple of years ago. I will be praying for you. Your menu looks delicious!

Comment by Jen B

thanks for stopping by, we are hoping to find a church soon, its been too long without a home

Comment by mindingmomma

I understand how nervous you are about your daughter going to cheer camp — I can’t wait until my son gets back from Boy Scout camp on Saturday and I will worry until then, LOL!

Comment by Carol

thanks for stopping by, I am very glad that she has a phone and will be able to text me nightly, I really wish I was a chaperone!

Comment by mindingmomma

Thanks for stopping by. I too just recently decided to post HHM again. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Comment by The Smelly Lady

I hope you’ll take some time to read along!

Comment by mindingmomma

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