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Happy Homemaker Monday
August 12, 2013, 10:16 am
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Be sure to drop by http://familycorner.blogspot.com/ and read the others.

The Weather: In the 80s and humid.

Right Now I Am: Doing the laundry, making brownies, and catching up on email. I ruined a batch of those fundamiddles cupcakes and I need a treat to take to a neighbor who had heart surgery last weekend.

Thinking: About getting a part-time job (this is very difficult for me to consider leaving home and finding after school care for my son), how my hubby is doing at the new store, and all the things we have packed into the next two weeks before school starts.

On My Reading Pile: The new issue of Family Circle magazine, I saved it from last week and am holding onto it for the first day of school to keep me from being too lonely.

On My TV: Most of the same from last week: Project Runway, Lego:Chima for my son, and repeats of 19 kids and counting. Plus my husband is watching Necessary Roughness and I love me some John Stamos so I stay awake long enough for the eye candy.

What I found while surfing the net: nothing exciting, I have been reading about my daughters diagnosed condition and searching forums for support.

On the Menu for this week:
Monday – leftover pizza from hubbys going away dinner last night
Tuesday – busy night with music camp, cheer practice, and booster meetings, probably sandwiches as we run out the door
Wednesday – homemade pepperoni rolls
Thursday – grilling out – steaks and fries (rained out last week so moved to this week)
Friday – pasta night, spaghetti and meatballs
Saturday – chicken, oven cooked then smothered in bbq sauce with mac n cheese
Sunday – crock pot, baked steak and some mashed potatoes

On My to do list: Wow I didn’t much done from last week, so I need to finish this laundry. Listing my sons outgrown clothes on Craigslist (I only have one week for this to happen then school starts and noone will need anything).

In the craft basket: I’ve picked up some stickers and paper to scrap two important things this summer and well as the same projects as last week: the baby quilt I need to work on, and collecting scraps for a lap blanket for this fall (see the posts where I am shamelessly begging for red/black/white scraps)

Looking forward to this week: Getting the kitchen organized and the snack basket reset for back to school lunches and afterschool snacking. Finishing the buying of the school supplies. Going to a coupon swap club meeting for the first time.

Looking around the house: I am so thankful to have my kids here, I will be so lonely when school starts back. Wishing I could get another week of vacation in and just relax in the sand by the waves with no cares for the week, sigh. Thinking about getting some command hooks to hang some photos on the wall, since its a rental we are not allowed to hang anything and I’m tired of the sad walls.

From the Camera: a lazy summer afternoon blowing bubbles together. 101_0804

On my prayer list: Hubby settling into a new management style smoothly and successfully, my family – immediate and extended, our finances, finding a church home, and health concerns.


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I’m not sure your link from Sandra’s works…it asked me for a password?? LOL

I’ll say a prayer about your job search.

My two girls love to blow bubbles, it never gets old.

Have a great week!

Comment by Sarah

I know what you mean about sad walls! We rent too and there are a few hooks here and there but not necessarily where we would put them and we can’t add any. Command hooks are a great idea though!
Have a blessed week! xxx

Comment by Naomi

thanks so much for stopping by!

Comment by mindingmomma

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