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Happy Homemaker Monday
September 2, 2013, 1:22 am
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Be sure to drop by http://familycorner.blogspot.com/ and read the others.

The Weather: In the 80s and humid.

Right Now I Am: Enjoying the time to sleep in because of the holiday. Preparing for my daughter to be making brownies for a cook out today. Surfing some of my favorite blogs and catching up on email.

Thinking: Still dealing with the pain of thinking about getting a part-time job (this is very difficult for me to consider leaving home and finding after school care for my son), that I can’t believe a whole week of school has passed.

On My Reading Pile:Finally was able to get a local library card, so I have God’s Guest List by Debbie Macomber, Believing God by Beth Moore, and How to Have More than Enough by Dave Ramsey.

On My TV: More than a dozen episodes of How It’s Made for my husband and son to watch. Pioneer Woman from the last two Saturdays. A couple of reruns of the Nate Berkus show I ran across on the OWN network.

What I found while surfing the net: I’ve been looking at reducing my wardrobe and really getting a handle on my style. Getting out of frumpdom of mommy looks and comfy clothes, especially as I consider going back into the workforce. http://recoveringshopaholic.com/answering-my-own-questions/.

On the Menu for this week:
Monday – Having a cookout with friends from church, taking pasta salad
Tuesday – pasta – angel hair spaghetti with sauce, salad
Wednesday – homemade pizza, three meat style
Thursday – first football game for freshmen, quick dinner of fried bologna sandwiches
Friday – big football night #2, kids are eating a tailgater, just sandwiches in the cooler for mom and dad
Saturday – chicken, lemon pepper seasoning and mac n cheese
Sunday – crock pot, baked steak and some mashed potatoes

On My to do list: Take it easy and enjoy the kids being home today, tomorrow the housework calls and I will need to do some laundry. Can you believe I never got around to listing my sons outgrown clothes on Craigslist. Take some books and movies back to the library for new ones for the kids. Get ready for some football this week and my daughters’ first time cheering in front of a crowd.

In the craft basket: uh, nothing has changed in two weeks, I’ve picked up some stickers and paper to scrap two important things this summer and well as the same projects as previus weeks: the baby quilt I need to work on, and collecting scraps for a lap blanket for this fall (see the posts where I am shamelessly begging for red/black/white scraps)

Looking forward to this week: The church cookout tonight and meeting some new families. The humdrum routine of school days. Having a chance to read some of the books I checked out.

Looking around the house: O dear me, there are cobwebs on the light above the stairs that I cannot reach, and must get my dear husband to attack. A grocery list that extends beyond our budget at this time. Must be creative with freezer cooking the next two weeks. A pile of mail that my husband and I keep shuffling from one end of the kitchen counter to the other.

From the Camera: IMG_0462

On my prayer list: Discernment over this new church we have been attending and whether it is where we should be or not, continuing to pray for my hubby settling into a new management style smoothly and successfully, my family – immediate and extended, our finances, and health concerns.


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