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Nov 29 – “Black Friday”
November 29, 2013, 9:07 am
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Well, it’s 9am and my troops are slowly getting out of bed. With pre-shopping done, and no door busters we had to have, we are going to venture forth and see if there is anything left on our list on the shelves.
We planned not to get into the 5am frenzy, with careful budgeting the past few months, and couponing when we could. We found great deals on Amazon, and Clearance at Wal-Mart and Toys r Us before they set up for the holidays. We concentrated on one set of like items for each child, and picked one thing each for John and I.
We are going to have a great Christmas just being together, and not worrying about the number of presents under the tree but rather the joy each one will bring. We have been having a great discussion, especially with our younger one, about what the wise men gifted Jesus and why they brought him a gift. Quality over quantity, heart over money. We have stressed the true meaning of Christmas to us as believers, and are looking forward to the Advent Celebrations each week at church.
I hope that if you braved the cold and crowds, you found your bargain and are happy. We enjoyed our nice warm beds while you were out scurrying in the dark and frigid temps. Now we will take our time, avoid those horrible lines, and hopefully find a few things to fill on our list and our stockings.
Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to attend church Sunday to begin the celebration of Advent as we anticipate the birth of our Chirst child.


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Beth: I so admire your wisdom–this is a lesson very difficult for children to learn, but they really will, especially when they begin to spend their own money. Happy to say, I didn’t indulge in the frenzy, never have, never will unless it is something I really need. Going to also downsize this year, doing money gifts to savings for the children, with only a toy or bag for them under the tree, and money for the adults that I managed to save over the past few months. Only to learn , now, this savings I’ve done has to go back with a raise in my rent, due to an error, not on my part, but error in reporting. Forms were underreported by the director—-I’m not a happy camper over this, but that has to be the end of it–I’m here. Have a good week end. love ya

Comment by Anonymous

Well, that error is a bummer. Downsizing is such a big trend right now. I’m reading a lot about steamlining your wardrobe in blog land. When the dresser drawer won’t close, there is too much, period.
The kids and I took our cash in hand, and our specific list yesterday. We left about 9:30a and were home by 2p. The longest line was at Kohls, but it was moving very smoothly, and we got an item that wasn’t marked as clearance, but saved a bundle once we rang out. We got three things that weren’t on the list, but did not go over our budget. There was one item that I miised out on because it was a Thursday deal only, but we were not giving up that day to shop, so I just shrugged it off and kept going. It was a great day.
AJ took his own savings and bought a gift for an underpriveleged family that our church adopted. So proud of him for grasping that idea.

Comment by mindingmomma

I always tell my husband and parents that the biggest most wonderful gift one could have is health. Especially now that I’ve started a family, it’s the constant thing I always pray for. But of course I wouldn’t mind the fantastic doorbusters at Kohl’s that I missed out on. 🙂

Comment by Karen L. (@MrsLookingGood)

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