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Happy Homemaker Monday
December 9, 2013, 8:20 am
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As I look outside my window:
I see snow. The roads have been cleared, so the kiddos are off at school, and hubs at work. But it looks really cold from where I sit.

Right now I am:
Enjoying the lights of the Christmas tree. I don’t usually burn them during the day, but in this quiet, dark time in the morning, they bring me a small smile. I’ll turn them off when I finish my cup of coffee.

Thinking and pondering:
I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research on the net about emergency preparedness. In this area the weather is prone to cause the power to go out during winter, and hurricanes can hit during the summer, a few tornadoes have even caused havoc. I am feeling more and more convicted to put together a kit for my family.

On my bedside table:
My Bible. A couple of Christmas cookbooks. And a few about frugal living.

On my tv:
I feel like this hardly changes, we know what we like. More of the same from last week, a dozen How It’s Made episodes that my husband and son watch before snuggle time at night. All the little Christmas cartoons.

Playing on the radio:
No music playing, enjoying the quiet.

On the menu for this week:
Some weeks I have it all together, and some weeks, like this one, I’m in a mad scramble to put ideas together…the busier we get, the more I lack planning when I need it most
Monday –Pasta night ( I keep this night constant weekly so I have little stress at the start of the week)
Tuesday – Pork chops and mashed potatoes.
Wednesday – Hubs is off for two days, so I usually let him pick out what he wants.
Thursday –Hubs choice again
Friday – Chicken and baked potatoes
Saturday – Some kind of soup in the crock pot
Sunday – Hams and some sort of potato

On my to do list:
Laundry as always
Get my Christmas cards to the Post office (If you’d like to recieve one, email me your address at mindingmomma@aol.com, I love sending cards)Library

What I am creating:
Cookies! Getting lots of help from the kids with these treats.

My simple pleasure:
Staring at the homemade ornaments my mom made and being able to smile at the memories instead of crying over missing her

Lesson learned the past week:
I like tights under skirts, but I hate dealing with static cling or wearing a slip, hairspray to the rescue.

Looking around the house:
I am so blessed to be in a warm house. I hate the thought of the shelters downtown being full and turning people away.

From the camera:possum

Prayer List:
Adding a dear friend who is struggling to find peace and joy in this season. Continuing to lift up my in-law’s health concerns, both of them have major issues uncovered this past week. Celebrating my fathers’ new church, there have been four decision for Christ made already.


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Hi: Enjoyed you letter today, you are one busy MaMa!!Hopeing for all the best for you and your family during the holiday season. Just keep those flashlights handy!!!!Love you,Virginia

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