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December 10, 2013, 7:10 am
Filed under: Devotion, Parenting - teen

This momma needs your prayers…my teen is driving me crazy! She is not doing as well as expected in school. Some days she is all smiles and plays with her brother and jokes with her father, and some days, she is in her room listening to music – loudly, of course, and anti-social.
All typical behaviors I’m told. But it breaks this momma’s heart when she is not doing her best, or being her best.


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There will always be advice for this behavior, and yes, its typical. She must know though, that there are not rewards for lower grades if she isn’t doing her best. I never was blessed with a girl, but teenagers are very moody. They need your support and to know that you are always there for them. Just be stong, and patient and she’ll be in our prayers. VB

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you. I feel like I am in the middle of a lake without a paddle, and not sure which way to try and swim. It’s harder I think, for me anyway, without my own momma to call out to.

Comment by mindingmomma

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