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Happy Homemaker Monday
December 16, 2013, 12:58 pm
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As I look outside my window:
Repeat of last week: I see it snowing. The roads have been cleared, so the kiddos are off at school, and hubs at work. I’m going to go meet him for lunch and pick up a few last minute gifts, like a new planner for me!** But it looks really cold from where I sit.
**see prayer requests for an update on lunch plans

Right now I am:
Burning through a box of tissues. My daughter and I both have a cold, her’s is worse, she lost her voice yesterday. I would have kept her home, but she is behind in a few classes, and she had no fever, so off she went.

Thinking and pondering:
About Christmas. My in-laws like to shower the kids with tons of gifts, and my side does one or two at most. I’m really talking to my littlest one about quality not quantity, and that love is not in a box, it’s in our lives.
AND about my little car, see prayer requests…

On my bedside table:
My Bible. A book about Depression. A novel by David Balducci – i like political thrillers.

On my tv:
Lots of Christmas cartoons.

Playing on the radio:
No music playing, enjoying the quiet.

On the menu for this week:
Monday –Pasta night ( I keep this night constant weekly so I have little stress at the start of the week)
Tuesday – Pork chops and mashed potatoes.
Wednesday – Busy day for us, so fajitas and nacho chips.
Thursday –Pizza
Friday – Chicken and roasted potatoes
Saturday – Some kind of soup in the crock pot
Sunday – ???

On my to do list:
Laundry as always
Get my Christmas cards to the Post office (If you’d like to recieve one, email me your address at mindingmomma@aol.com, I love sending cards)Library
Ironing (yuck)

What I am creating:
Craft packs for the kids table for the Church dinner on the 22nd.

My simple pleasure:
Hot cocoa with whipped cream floating on top.

Lesson learned the past week:
I am just getting by. I was brought to my knees by my daughters mid-term grades. I have not been super-mom, on top-of-her 24/7 this nine weeks, and it shows. I want her to begin to gain a sense of responsibility and urgency, but not at the expense of her GPA.

Looking around the house:
I have a few gifts under the tree. A few that need wrapped while little eyes are at school. And a grocery list as long as my forearm, come on payday!

From the camera”nothing”

Prayer List:
MY CAR! It won’t start today, I think it is the battery, and I already needed two new tires out of this paycheck. I am sick with worry that one of my kids will need picked up at school today and I have no way to get there. I am worried that I won’t be able to travel to see my family over the holiday. LORD, please, touch my little van and let it run.
Adding a dear friend who is struggling to find peace and joy in this season. Continuing to lift up my in-law’s health concerns, my father-in-law is scheduled to have surgery at the end of the week, my hubs plans on traveling down there. Concerned about my father’s wife, she has a chronic condition that is worsening, and he is watching another wife slowly decline in front of his eyes.


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Beth: You worry far to much! You know and I know, God will meet your needs. When my youngest son was 11 years old, he had a melanoma removed from his face. I was convinced this was going to take half his face and maybe some jaw bone, and I waited and waited all through the holidays for a report on this simple surgery. Our minister then, was Dwight Lowther, and he said to me, just what I have said, and further say, “Praise the Lord anyway”–this sounded so harsh, but I knew I could not control the results. But GOD did!!! The reports was that it was “Infantile melanoma” which was better than if it
had been on the face of an adult. Oh, we of little faith, must listen to our faith and be strong. God will provide. Love ya, happy holidays.

Comment by Anonymous

I feel your pain about the car situation. We have had to have our van towed 3 times in the last two months. I am so frustrated. I will most certainly pray for you.

Your menu looks delicious! I pray you have a good week.

Comment by Jen

Thanks Virginia for reminding me to “buck” up.
Thanks Jen for the prayers – my husband and I shuffled cars today so we could get the kids picked up at school and to the dentist on time, then we have to go pick him up at work, and then see about towing our car to a garage for an estimate. I am not looking forward to sinking all my travel money into a repair.

Comment by mindingmomma

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