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January 3, 2014, 2:00 am
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I looked it up at merriam-webster.com, and found that it is a verb. The first definition is:
1. to make (someone or something) ready for some activity, purpose, use, etc.

I think that this applies to my three areas like this…
Spiritually, to make ready for some purpose. I have mentioned we are preparing to take the new members class at the church we have been attending, and are ready to get involved in some of the ministries whole-heartedly. It has taken us almost two years to find a church where we felt the Spirit keeping us in the pews week after week. I believe God brought us to this church for a purpose, and that He is going to grow us here this year. My devotional time needs to be more focused and less jumping around the Bible as I feel like it. We are fellowshipping with the members and starting to make some really good friends. I don’t know what my specific purpose will be, but I know that God is going to prepare me to be a servant, and hopefully to grow bolder in my witness this year.

Externally, to make ready for some use. I know that to grow my witness, I need to be outside the house more. I think that God is going to prepare me to be more cognizant of my dress and how I appear to the world. He is already working on my mind about being more feminine, and I am not quite sure what I am hearing Him say about modesty. It is a subject I am studying, and listening for a clear direction on. Overcoming my anxiety about going out alone will be a big step. I am used to tagging along with someone, and am quite shy.

Internally, to make ready for some activity. I know that I am going to prepare for bad weather with a 72 hour emergency kit. This has been on my mind for more than I care to admit too. It is time for me do something with the knowledge I have acquired. I know that I am going to need to get more involved in my health this year, I do not want to take cholesterol medications, so I have to make a dietary change and get some daily exercise. This is a huge stumbling block for me with fibromyalgia. I am usually too tired, or in too much pain, to even consider moving my body in ways I don’t find necessary to perform my daily functions. I do not make the wisest choices about fried foods, as I love the flavor, southern girl that I am. And I very worried that I am teaching my children these same habits. It is a mind game, as my grandmother used to say, “brain tell your butt to get up”. I have to be willing to prepare for a new lifestyle, by getting my mind in order.

Wow. That’s just my take on the first definition. There are more to follow. It is a process, and I have twelve months to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow. I hope you will keep me accountable and pray with me as I prepare for 2014.

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Prepare is a great word. I stopped for a second and thought about your word when I saw it and then I began to realize how much I prepare throughout the day. All your definitions for prepare are excellent and definitely applicable to us as moms. I will pray that you stay accountable to this “one word”. Can you promise to do the same for me as well as I seek to shine?
I am adding your bog to my Feedly RSS reader so I can stay up to date on your posts!
Happy New Year!

Comment by Ruth A. Stiles

Shine is such a sparkly word to me. It is light and hope and makes my happy to hear. I will be reading along to see how you do this year.

Comment by mindingmomma

Even as the year is only beginning and there are twelve months ahead… I wonder if we will always be preparing

Comment by hisfirefly

I am sure that there is work in each day that qualifies. I only hope I take the time to recognize it.

Comment by mindingmomma

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