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Thrifty Thursday Finds 14.1
January 9, 2014, 8:52 am
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With errands to run, and a few things to return, the kids and I set out this weekend to see what we could find. I had a plan to find AJ some pants. Holly had some gift cards stored up. And I had a refund coming to me, that I could spend, on ME. Here’s how we did.

H's Goodwill Finds

H’s Goodwill Finds

We qualify for a military discount, so Holly was able to get these shades for .85c, the Penguin (she collects these) for .42c, and the totebag she is going to use for awhile in place of her backpack for .85c. $2.27 total. She did great!

Goodwill for A

Goodwill for A

I needed a pair of dressier pants for AJ to wear to church and on special occasions. His current khaki’s are getting too short. I found these cargo pants for $1.69. The shoes, with hardly worn bottoms, were $1.69, and since the hats were in the childrens area, they were .85c each! Score!

Goodwill for Momma

Goodwill for Momma

I found this skirt which comes to just at my knee for $3.39, a little high for me, but I love black so I can wear it with sweaters this winter and tees in the spring, so I will get lots of use for it. And the pink and green bracelet was .85c. I love homemade things, and these are my college sorority’s colors. total for me and the boy was $9.50.

Forever 21 for the girls

Forever 21 for the girls

These tanks were $1.80 each for momma, and the boots were on sale plus 30% off at the steal price of $9.99. I needed some new colorful cami’s to wear under my sweaters this winter. Part of dressing up myself a little more. Can’t find the receipt for a total, but my daughter used a gift card and I pitched in five bucks.

Walgreens after-Christmas finds

Walgreens after-Christmas finds

My teen is a make-up hog. She has more than I think I have ever owned in my lifetime! Mostly worn when she performs at school, she goes light on regular days. The Mascara was a stocking stuffer for $1. The Eye/lip/pencil set was marked down to $5. The coverall stick was $1.99. And the Liquid eyeliner was $2. She spent $10.59 for a fresh new look. Not too bad.

H's finds at H&M

H’s finds at H&M

Again I have no receipt for this one, but the jewelry was all $1 – buy 1 get 1 free, and pricetag is visible on the shirt. She was very happy with these items.

Bath & Body Works Clearance Finds

Bath & Body Works Clearance Finds

And as much as she likes makeup, she is even more crazy for sprays and lotions and body washes from Bath & Body Works. With their year-end clearance sale, she was able to pick up all this for $23.40. Her discount was $55.63. So she could have spent almost $80 at full price. She gave two away for a late birthday gift to a friend at school, money well spent in her opinion.

Maybe not the most frugal of days for us, but a fun after the Holiday excursion.

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