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Happy Homemaker Monday
July 27, 2015, 2:11 am
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Happy homemaker Monday To read more wonderful ladies, visit Diary of A Stay at Home Mom.

The weather in my neck of the woods:
SUN, glorious sunshine and well, humidity, not so glorious on that part.

Things that make me happy:
Fresh from the garden tomatoes!
Menu for this week:
Monday – Usually our pasta night.  Probably rigatoni and salad..
 Tuesday – Hoping for chicken on the grill with sweet and sour sauce, then rice as a side.
 Wednesday – Very busy night so probably ordering pizza
Thursday – One kid at camp, so hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for the one at home (requested)
 Friday – Grilled chicken and corn on the cob
 Saturday – Running around today, so probably Arby’s with coupons.
 Sunday – crock pot chicken and tator tot casserole. Repeat form last week.
What’s on my TV today:
I am so bad, but folding laundry and watching Dr. Phil.
Looking around the house:
I know that I am going t miss my daughter while she is at camp, and so will her guinea pigs!
On my To Do List:
Laundry – never ending cycle
Carrying over from last week:  Going through my deep freeze and making an inventory
Finish cleaning out my fridge shelves:  I’ve gotten three done and hate that the crisper drawers are so tough to remove and clean
New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
nothing new this week.
In the craft basket:
The stadium blanket quilt top is ready to be sandwiched and quilted. Hooray!

Looking forward to this week:
Getting into my closet and weeding out what I haven’t worn so far this summer.  It is getting crowded in there.

Tips and Tricks:
Line everything with foil!

My favorite blog post this week:
Anything that had Christmas In July.

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers):
I love reading Following the Fowlers.  It’s about our local missionaries serving in Panama.

No words needed (favorite photo or picture):



Lesson learned the past few days:
Hotel beds are not comfortable no matter the price of the room.

On my mind:
Pouring out my heart to pray for a situation with my niece and nephew.  This is getting seriously time crunched, and things are not looking like they will resolve in time.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:

Hoping to have something to share here for weeks to come about the Francis Chan book Crazy Love that my husband bought for us to go through together upon many of our previous church friends’ recommendations….keep watching – have you read it?



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A beautiful blanket! It’ll be awesome on cool or cold evenings with a book! Cozy! Laundry never ends does it? Wait until your daughter is back from camp…And me? I just hung out laundry to dry and it suddenly is raining. :sigh: Another rinse! LOL

Comment by oursideofthemtn

thanks for stopping by!

Comment by mindingmomma

Making an inventory of everything in the deep freeze, what a great idea! I should do that. I’m not quite ready to think about Christmas in July but I’m sure there are some great ideas out there. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Comment by jehdld

thanks for leaving me a note!

Comment by mindingmomma

Happy week to you! Always fun finding a new friend. Your menu sure sounds yummy and your blanket is beautiful!! Ah to have that kind of talent. Quilts are such a wonderful artistic outlet I’m sure! xo

Comment by carrie@northwoods scrapbook

quilting by hand is my wind down activity after busy days. I don’t do it as often as I would like, but thanks for your kind words.

Comment by mindingmomma

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