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August List
August 1, 2015, 5:04 pm
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I can’t believe it is August 1st.  This year is really flying by.  The summer especially so.


I have such a list in my head of what I want to get done before school starts, maybe, if I put it in writing I can get more done.


I must accomplish these things.

frigMake an inventory of the freezer, plan my menus, and make a shopping list of grand proportions to restock what we have devoured this summer.  I also need to pull out my crisper drawers and scrub under them.  Someone spilled a red pop I see.

vacuumGet the kids to go through their school clothes and see what we can resell and what we need to look for.  Then deep clean under their beds and their closet floors.  I tend to get this urge to clean in the fall, not spring.

quiltI have got to get those stadium blankets done.  And the twins first year quilt.  And a charity blanket.  And my Christmas quilt. And I know there are more on my unfinished project list.

tenniesGet new running shoes.  Register for the 5K.  Keep exercising four times a week.  Wait, did I say 5K?  Yes.  My friends have encouraged me that they will walk-jog-walk with me through a 5K.  It is a goal to work towards and motivate e on those days when my joints are aching and I want to just stay in bed.

vanIt is time to clean the van out very well.  After taking two trips this summer with one more in the works, and running kids back and forth to practices almost every evening…it is junked up pretty bad.  Even when I carry one thing in every time we get home, I am not making a dent in it.

school clip artFinish up buying those school supplies.

And what else am I missing?  So much to do with cheer this fall and with soccer starting back up.  Hoping for a church group to join.  Keeping John happy.  Taking care of me.  Babysitting.  Oh, the scrapbooks I need to do too. At least I have a place to add to my list, and hopefully check some things off over the next three weeks.  Wish me luck!



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Wowzers…you sound even busier than me!! Good luck!

Comment by farmhousequilter

Thanks, that doesn’t count for what I forgot to put in there too!

Comment by mindingmomma

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