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I need a boost
August 7, 2015, 3:46 am
Filed under: crafted, Devotion, Life, Wifedom

I want to be more involved in a church.  I don’t say our church, because we are still in the looking around stages.  We are giving this one a real try though, and I volunteered to help out in a children’s class.  But it isn’t my one hearts desire to be there, it’s a need I can meet.  My desire is to be crafty with other ladies, in a small group, with a devotion, at least twice a month.  I have tried without success to find such a group here.  Two doors were shut as I looked this month.  My heart is screaming out that there must be others like me who are not plugged in somewhere and would love to be charitable.  I don’t even care if they don’t know how to sew…any hand crafts would be welcome…or someone who loves to iron, cut, sort…I need a prayer boost that either a group would open or start by September…or I would be led to one somewhere else.

Deadlines?  I know we aren’t to impose our will.  I need clear direction though.  Either I stay and get fed or I go find a table.  I am not a leader!  I don’t feel at all that I am being asked to lead.  I am in a season where I need to be hugged and held and given too.  I went through a time where I needed to be in charge – and things did not work out for any member of our family.  Clearly not my calling.

Please boost my needs in prayer.


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