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February 26, 2016, 8:47 am
Filed under: Life, Parenting - teen

As I sit and watch it flurry this morning, I saw three deer go through the backyard.  I worried about my daughter driving to school on slippery roads.  And I’m dreading my trip to the optometrist to pick up my glasses for distance…I haven’t had glasses for over 25 years.  Sigh.  With birthday approaching and years flying by in my children’s lives, I have used little cheap readers off and on for two years to do my handwork when the lighting wasn’t quite right or the needle had a very small eye.  But never needed them for a book or on a consistent basis.  These new ones, are for an astigmatism I have, and as I understand, will progress through the strengths as I age – right up to the point of needing bifocals at some point in the future.  Sigh again.  Things about aging I wish I could talk to my dearly departed mom about.

The first mention of next years’ graduating class came this week also.  I am proud of my daughter for fighting through her brain injury and toughing it out this year in school.  But ready for Senior year? No way!  I had to send “Save the Dates” to our immediate family for graduation next year.  There are very limited hotels in our area and they fill up very quickly I’m told, like 6-8 months in advance!  And we will have to barter and beg and buy tickets from other students so both sets of grandparents can come.  You’re only granted two.  How do they justify that for stepfamilies and grandparents?  Anyway.

I’ll post a pic later today of my new specs.  Come back and see how funny I look.


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