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My brothers quilt
March 7, 2017, 4:52 am
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After Christmas, I was telling my brother about gifting my dad his shoulder wrap.  I teased my brother that I had some of that Duck Dynasty fabric leftover, and could make him one too.  He declined.  Then I mentioned, there was collegiate fabric for WVU that could be made into a quilt.  His reply, well if you aren’t too busy, I take a twin.

Yesterday, I got to work on it, and sent him a shot of the cut squares.img_0178

He texted a big SWEET back at me.  There are 3 prints, 2 gold prints and 1 gold solid, then 1 bright blue, and 1 navy print.  You can’t quite see everything in this pic though.

You can see my threaded needle if you look closely though.  I am hand stitching this one, its my favorite method of piecing.  The ladies at the shop were asking me why I wasn’t using the machine, and I just said, its not what my mind goes to when I think of making something for someone.  Hand piecing is my love.  And I got to work sewing up four patches of the gold and blues to go in between the WV prints.img_0179

I decided to make it a little larger than mattress size so he could wrap up in it a bit.  I’ve gotten just over the first half of the rows done here.img_0180

I am trying to keep it simple but interesting, and hope he really appreciates it.

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