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the “City of Bridges”, known for its 446 bridges
March 16, 2017, 5:47 am
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My grandmother was always known for saying, “bloom where you are planted.”  I don’t know who originated that quote, but I remember my grandmother lovingly when I hear it from anyone.

Have I done that in our 4 years here?  NO!  I think longingly of our home at the coast, I daydream of our time and friends in Texas, I count the days until I can get back down to visit Myrtle Beach.  But enjoy the city I’m in, can’t say I have ever given it a thought.  Especially on a snowy day like this one.  I’m not the only one.  My daughter is heading to college at the end of this summer.  She knows how many weeks it is until she gets out of high school and out of this town.  My son, hates winter here, especially.  He constantly asks when we are going to move, when are we going to the beach again, and why do we have to stay here.

Did I cause that?  Not directly, but with my actions, and my attitude?  Probably.  I look at the pretty, postcard, perfect images of the city.  I know they are filtered and enhanced.  Because I look at the city, and it is not that shiny and bright.  But I also see it through it my dull, unimpressed eyes too.  I am not looking for beauty, so I don’t see it.

I live just south of the city.  People in this area, hate to cross a bridge or go through a tunnel into town.  Tomorrow, I have to do just that to take my daughter to another doctors appointment.  I know the city is full of museums, restaurants, sporting events, concert venues, and numerous other attractions.  I have no desire to see any of them.  Get in, get out, get home.  When will I embrace our adopted city?

I must be feeling melancholy as it approaches the anniversary of my moms death.  And of course, as I mentioned, the upcoming high school graduation.  I feel a stirring in my chest, to change my outlook on life here.  It is where we landed.  It is not permanent.  It is where, we believe, God wants us for now.  So how do I go about changing my feelings, and influencing my children’s?

Where would you begin???


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