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April 24, 2017, 2:24 pm
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last week at the quilt store, I did a king size binding job for a customer.  She picked it up Saturday and the shop owner talked to her.  Evidently, she wanted different fabric for the binding.  But that wasn’t on the order form, or the inquiry email, or told to me by the longarmer.  So they gave her a gift card, and she took the quilt home.  A few minutes before closing, she called back and is bringing the quilt back in.  The binding is to be removed.  New binding made, and attached.  By Friday.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

it took me 18.5 hours to square it up, make binding from the excess backing I cut off, attach it, then hand stitch it down. All 418″ of it.

Wah. I know.  The store wants a satisfied customer.  But if they compensated her and she walked out with it, isn’t that when you say no takebacks?



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Naw in this case it was all my fault or I wouldn’t. A) I didn’t write what I should have. And the binding was right in front of my face and I screwed up B) the binding will be off that quilt by 5pm when I get there or heads will roll c) you will get compensated for doing it again. Having a happy binder is just as important as customer especially when it was me who was the idiot. So don’t be frustrated.

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