Minding momma

April 27, 2017, 4:31 am
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Wow! Last night was much harder than I imagined.  My husbands cousin passed away earlier this week after a 15 year fight with multiple cancers.  Her son and his family are mirror images of ours.  The boys grew up together in a small town, bowled on youth league, played little league, ran around, and both went into the military, we all got married the same year, our kids are even the same ages!

Last night, we drove down from our hometown to theirs, almost two hours south, so we could be present for the viewing.  Walking in the funeral home I thought I had it together.  First few hugs were fine, then her son and his wife grabbed me. “I know how hard this must be for you…” yeah, it is.  Feelings of my time sitting in that line shaking hands and being hugged when my mom died washed over me.  Knowing exactly how he was thinking and feeling standing beside that casket- watching their youngest skip back and forth from the kitchen – seeing his dad in shock – all of it too familiar.

All our love and prayers Romano family. Faretheewell Kathy.


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