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Hi! I am a mom to two wonderful children, 18&12 yrs old. My husband is my hero, my friend, and the love of my life. We have moved to a beautiful house just south of the Pittsburgh area and miss our home at the coast!  Move ahead!  We will be relocating later this spring…stay tuned for details.

We are active in our local church, our community schools, and support the VFW.  We love our extended family, and miss our loved ones who have passed.
I surf blogs looking for ideas and instructions for frugal things, cute crafts, family-building games and trips, great recipes, meaningful devotions, and incredible inexpensive (mostly modest) fashion.  I prefer to handsew over using a machine, I like to color with the kiddos, I prefer the kitchen to the yard, a bubble bath to a shower, and pink toenails over red.
I’ll be sharing about our life, our food, our crafts, our ups and downs and everything in between.
I hope you’ll visit often and leave a comment now and then!

We loved our coastal view.    601

Favorite feeling in the world is sand between my toes.IMG_0333

So why “mindingmomma”?  I kept thinking about that phrase who’s minding the store?  And about the children minding me, as I remind them to mind their manners.  And I lost my mom a few years ago, and now who is minding me?  Remembering me?  Keeping tabs on and caring for me?  All the lessons I learned and forgot are coming back as I try to raise our household in the same way, under God’s protection and grace, and with all the love and laughter my husband and I can dole out, just as we received growing up.

Minding momma.  Because it’s just me.  In a nutshell.  Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Aunt, and so much more.
Here are some drawings of our family, by the children, done on a magnetic doodle board…




daughter, son, nephew, niece

Write to me at:  mindingmomma@aol.com

 Thanks for stopping by, Beth


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You posted a comment on my blog about sew what skirts asking for a review. I just wanted to let you know I did do one but It is a few posts back now. Leticia

Comment by Leticia

Hello. You visited my blog and asked about places to shop. I asume you mean antique, vintage type places. First, you should visit The Blue Moon downtown Denison at 410 W Main. That is where you will find my Shabby Friends space. Down the street you will find Main Street Mall. Each have a lot of fun “Stuff”. “Nanas Attic” is on Mirick and Chestnut. It is fun too. In Sherman you will find “Touch of Class” on the square. Both Gainsville and Bonham have great shopping. The most wonderful shopping is on the square in McKinney. So sorry about the horrible weather we are having. It will get better. Welcome to Texoma.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Comment by Cynthia at Shabby Friends

Hey mindingmomma, thanks:-). You made my day by leaving me a comment. As you can see, I am a novice blogger(3 weeks old) as well as a novice quilter(1 year old). So the fact that you, from the other side of the Earth, actually read my blog and cared to comment has me thrilled to bits. Now, since am not sure if you will see this here, am gonna hop over to your blog and cut-paste it there too! Cheers!!(And this is the cut-paste of my reply to your comment on my blog :-))

Comment by Tina Katwal

Oh shoot! The above comment was by Happy scrappy of tina-holyscrap.blogspot.com

Comment by Tina Katwal

Hi.. can you email me re Valentine Initial Heart Swap please. I need your details if you want to join in. Thanks 🙂

Comment by Gone Stitchin'

You are the winner of my Sewing Summit giveaway! Can you e-mail me at lindsay.conner (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address?

Comment by Lindsay Conner

Hi Good Luck in my giveaway:)

Comment by Jennifer Gail

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