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college visit time
April 29, 2016, 2:19 am
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C__Data_Users_DefApps_Windows Phone_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_images(2)as much as I wish I could say we are going here, I cannot. But another major university is about to be taken over by our family and a soon to be senior.

good thoughts please
April 26, 2016, 7:58 pm
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we are back in the ER, send good thoughts our way pleaseWP_20160426_20_24_53_Prow

Charity quilt cuttings
April 23, 2016, 11:04 am
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I’ve gotten the fabric all cut and started sewing my charity top.


Linking up to Confessions of a Fabric Addict 24153144760_b2dacc7707 Go see what everyone is working on and read all about it.

Spring Thrifting Begins
April 22, 2016, 6:48 am
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On Sundays, our local Goodwill has a .99c tag color.  This past week, after services, I had some free time and swung by.  Red was the color and I did pretty well.  I got a pair of Mossimo and Old Navy jeans for myself, shorts for my hubby, and a Danskin tee and workout shorts for me.  That’s pretty good by my standards!

Haven’t linked up for awhile to any thrifty blogs, so I’m off to search for some to show off my buys on.  I’m ready for yard sale season to begin.

dipping my toe in
April 18, 2016, 11:15 am
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I am going to slowly start with portion control. I need to get healthier, and losing weight is one area I need to focus on. I have picked up a set of containers, and gotten a list of better for me food choices. I am not trying to go 110% at this from day one. Tried too many other things and failed that way. So that’s why I said I’m dipping my toe in. This is a huge step to attempt. Let’s see how I do. Today, I brought celery for snacking. I’ve had a few with peanut butter, and a few with cream cheese. But no chips or chocolate so far. That’s change one. I’m not cutting them out totally but drastically reducing my intake of those items.

Sunday Stashing
April 10, 2016, 3:04 pm
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40% off batiks?  Why yes please!  1 yd of the light green and .5yds of the other two prints.  2 yds in.  Plus the pixelated heart quilt is finito!  Hopefully it will be on its was to Central America next month with some people going down who will visit the missionary family I made it for.  That’s about 3.5 yds out the door. Hooray!

april stash

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Heart finished
April 8, 2016, 9:00 am
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So at the retreat last weekend, I learned how to close the binding into a continuous loop, something I had never done before.  My first project to use it on, was the heart I made for our missionaries wife!  It’s her favorite colors.  I am sending it down next month with folks going to visit them, as mail is virtually nonexistent and 100% unreliable where they are.

First up is a picture of the small hearts I quilted into the corners.  Remember I pieced and quilted it all by hand.


Then a little shot with the backing I used.  This is mostly fabric I got at JoAnns with my Christmas gift card, and a little from the LQS tossed in.


And finally, the finished heart.  Which I could not take a picture of outside today, as it decided to snow last night.  Augh I’m ready for Spring to stay around and not tease us with a few days in the 60s then snow, this is the second time it’s happened this month.


Hope she likes it.  It is table topper size.  Linking up at Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts.


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