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September 23, 2017, 6:58 am
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Happy Birthday Daisy girl!  My sweet niece is 13 today!


The Countdown
April 2, 2017, 4:51 am
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April is also the month we celebrate the anniversary of my birth!

I went to one of the big box fabric and craft stores yesterday, and treated myself to a buggy full of craziness!  I don’t know when I thought I would get around to these projects but I shopped like I had no stash.  Love sales plus coupon pricing.  Over the next week, I will show you my purchases and let you know what project(s) I had in mind when I picked them up.

I am also going to be giving away some of my previous purchases. Gasp! I just grabbed some of it because of the great deals offered, but I am never going to finish everything and my tastes changes almost daily!  Good for the store, bad for my wallet and storage space.

Stay tuned to enter, and have a great week!

Happy Spring
March 20, 2017, 7:38 am
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IMG_0353I’m trying to post from my phone, it is a bit challenging.  I don’t think I will do this often.

just wanted to wish everyone a sweet start to spring!  Other than rain, it is my favorite season.  Easter, everything budding, grass returns to green, my birthday, sunny days, longer days, not too hot yet, love it!

Charity begins here
March 13, 2017, 5:32 am
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It is time for Confession of a Fabric Addict annual charity quilt drive!


I intend to make a kids quilt for the second charity she lists.  Both John and I have bosses who are going through chemo right now.

I will be looking at my stash today to determine what fabric I can pull and what I need to buy, if any!  I am hoping not to spend anything on the top.  A mini challenge!

Will you visit her site and consider choosing one of the charity’s to make a quilt for?

Cat in a Case
March 5, 2017, 4:51 am
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Last weekend, at our little sew-in mini-retreat, Jenns house cat jumped into Kathleens empty sewing machine case.  He was just checking out the cozy spot.

But the funniest thing, he did later that night. After I had cleaned off my sewing table, and gotten ready for bed, he tried to fly.

All evening, he had been eyeballing the tv corner, as he could get up on the end of my sewing table and reach the tv shelf.  Jenn kept shooing him down when he got up there.  She had gone to bed and I was relaxing on the couch when the cat jumped up on the table again.  He went straight to the corner and jumped up on the tv shelf again.  I got up and shooed him off the ledge.  The pulled the little folding table away from that wall and laid back down.

Two seconds later, Onyx jumped up on the folding chair, and onto my sewing table.  He took a flying leap towards the tv shelf…not realizing I had moved the table.  About halfway there, he realized it.  He started swimming in air as fast as his front paws would go, as if he were thinking, I can make it-I can make it-I’m not gonna make it!-I’m not gonna make it!-Oh crap!

I got so tickled watching his front paws grasping at the air before he landed on the carpet, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Boy did he give me a look!

Looking towards spring
March 4, 2017, 1:28 am
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vintage-daffodil-image-graphicsfairyDaffodils.  Last weeks warm weather made them sprout up in our neighborhood.  This weeks snow will freeze them.  Either way, it is a nod to spring approaching.

Now I am generally not one to celebrate Lent.  Not in a sacrificial way, more of an anticipatory longing…if you have questions about my faith you can email me, I don’t want to put anyone off here.  But this year, I got busted big time on my fabric purchasing habits.  See, in our dining room, we don’t have formal china, so our hutch is the homework center.  Except for the shelf behind the doors at the bottom, I commandeered that area for fabric.  Earlier this week, hubs went looking for some markers and opened the stash door.  I have envelopes in there of fabric I ordered but haven’t even opened yet!!!  He suggested in that sweet, sickly way husbands have, that I might not buy any fabric until I make three quilts.

I was embarrassed to have been caught, then I really got into the cabinet, and realized he had a point.  I have decided, with his wise guidance, that I am giving up online fabric shopping for the Lenten season.  I hate to pass up a great deal, so I have been deleting emails from my favorite companies without opening them, and skipping over the online yard sale posts on my facebook feed.  It is hard!  I have quite a bit of non-matching fabrics and especially charm packs stored in that cabinet.  My plan is over the next three weeks, to weed it out, or decide on a pattern and yardage needs for each project.  Then, after Easter, and after I finish off the many projects I am trying to juggle right now, that I start one of these cabinet projects once a quarter.

Remember, I am a hand sewer.  So a three month time frame is not out of the question.  I may not get everything finished in a year.  And I may start other projects as I take classes at my LQS and as I am inspired by things I see.  But it is a plan.

Happy 4th
July 4, 2016, 6:04 am
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